Pentagon Tiles at Leather Lane

  • Pentagon Tiles at Leather Lane
  • Pentagon Tiles at Leather Lane
  • Pentagon Tiles at Leather Lane
A new London showroom for Pentagon Tiles

A collaborative venture with our technical partners Schlüter-Systems and Ardex, this exciting new space (designed by award-winning architect Simon Astridge) celebrates ceramic in a unique setting. Constructed from recycled shipping containers and fired clay, the space redefines the commercial showroom.

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Installed by Evolution Tiling

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Large Format Porcelain Tile
Large Format Porcelain Tile

Range: Real, Colour: DG, Size: 1200x1200mm


The Real Range

Large format porcelain stoneware with the look and feel of polished concrete.

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  • Highly durable Technical Porcelain
  • Suitable for high traffic public spaces
  • Contemporary concrete appearance
  • 6 colours
  • 3 finishes
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • For internal and external applications, including reception areas, washrooms and other commercial areas

Unit Size Available: 300x300, 600x95, 300x600, 600x600, 1200x100, 1200x300, 600x1200, 1200x1200

Drawer units clad in Beton porcelain tile
Drawer units clad in Beton porcelain tile

Range: Beton, Colour: Grey, Size: 1200x600mm


The Beton Range

Porcelain stoneware in 2 ultra realistic concrete tones with minimal industrial decor

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  • Incredible concrete finish resulting from ingenious production technique
  • Suitable for walls and floors in residential and commercial applications

Unit Size Available: 1200x600, 600x600

20mm External Raised Flooring
20mm External Raised Flooring

Range: Stadium, Colour: Dark, Size: 900x450mm

Large format porcelain tiles with a unique suburban style.The Stadium Range

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  • 20mm thick porcelain tile
  • For use on pedestals
  • Fast, dry installation
  • Also available in 10mm thick format
  • Multiple sizes and finishes available

Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Primer

ARDEX R 3 E Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Primer is a two component solvent free epoxy resin for use on concrete and cementitious surfaces that have damp surfaces (e.g. from water spillages or rain) prior to installing polyurethane screeds and self-smoothing epoxy floor coatings. Also ideal for use with ARDEX SD-TB/ARDEX K 80 Industrial FloorSystem. Blind with ARDEX Fine Aggregate and used as a primer prior to applying thick applications of the ARDEX SD-TB/ARDEX K 80 Industrial Floor System, or other appropriate ARDEX cement-based products.

View on Ardex website

Unit Size Available: 6kg, 25kg

Coverage: Approximately 24m2 per 6kg unit

ARDEX X 7001
ARDEX X 7001

MICROTEC® Rapid Drying Pourable Floor Tile Adhesive

ARDEX X 7001 is a pourable floor tile adhesive, with a mix consistency that facilitates solid bed fixing. Ideal for fixing tiles onto wood-based sheets and boards, the unique RAPIDRY FORMULA technology virtually eliminates the risk of the mix water affecting the wooden substrate and tiles.

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  • Rapid hardening and drying - can be trafficked and grouted 2 hours after fixing
  • Ideal for fixing floor tiles to wood-based sheets and boards
  • Pourable consistency facilitates solid bedding
  • Use with all tile types including fully vitrified, porcelain and agglomerate stone
  • ARDEX X 7001 W white is ideal for fixing light and translucent marble and limestone

Unit Size Available: 20kg

Coverage: Approximately 4.8m2 at 3mm thick per 20kg unit


MICROTEC® Ultra Rapid Setting Flexible Semi-Pourable Floor Tile Adhesive

ARDEX X 78 S has a unique pourable consistency that is ideal for solid bed fixing large format floor tiles, without the need to butter the back of the tile. Furthermore, tiles can be walked on and grouted after only 90 minutes.

  • Semi-pourable consistency ideal for solid bed fixing large format floor tiles
  • Ultra rapid setting and hardening – walk on and grout after only 90 minutes
  • Ideal for all tile types including porcelain, fully vitrified, mosaics and terrazzo
  • Excellent application properties and high yield
  • Ideal for swimming pools and wet areas
  • For internal and external applications
  • Suitable for underfloor heating

Unit Size Available: 20kg

Coverage: Approximately 5.5m2 at 3mm thick per 20kg unit


MICROTEC® Flexible Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive

ARDEX X 77 has an open time of up to 60 minutes, which means that you can spread larger areas of adhesive in a single application, enabling you to work more efficiently.

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  • Advanced slump resistance - fix heavier, larger tiles
  • High yield - up to 8m2 per bag using an 8mm x 8mm trowel
  • 60 minute open time
  • 3 hour pot life
  • Ideal for all tile types including porcelain, fully vitrified, mosaics and terrazzo
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • For internal and external applications, including swimming pools and other wet area

Unit Size Available: 20kg

Coverage: Up to 8m2 per 20kg unit using an 8mm x 8mm trowel


polyethylene membrane designed for the attachment of heating cables

Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT is a polyethylene membrane with a cut-back stud structure and an anchoring fleece laminated on the underside. It is a universal substrate for tile coverings, which serves as an uncoupling, crack bridging, waterproofing, vapour pressure equalization layer and is designed for the attachment of heating cables.

  • Uncoupling 
  • Waterproofing
  • Load distribution (load induction) 
  • Bonded assembly
  • Thermal separation

Ambient lighting system for tile and stone

The options available for designing rooms using lighting are on the rise, and thanks to Schlüter-Systems, those options are increasingly easy to install. Lighting plays an essential role in creating an ambient feeling of relaxation and respite, and it can also make the appearance of a room seem larger...

Schluter Liprotec Website
  • Lighting technology for sustainable building. Durable. Efficient
  • High-quality aluminium profiles.
  • Simple installation of the profiles with tile adhesive
  • Practical, complete sets available.
  • Uniform homogeneous light distribution with high-quality LED strips
  • IP65 certified LED strips making them suitable for high-moisture areas.
  • Four types of light – the choice is yours.
  • Simple clip-on installation of diffuser lenses.
  • Complete system packages from a single source.
  • Innovative RGB control via Bluetooth app.
  • Online selection aid at

Modular Screed and Underfloor Heating System

Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM is a safe, low-height, under floor heating assembly. In conjunction with offering underfloor heating with control technology, the modular system  is an energy efficient and quick reacting radiant heated floor system with especially low supply temperatures.

Schluter Bekotec-Therm Website
  • Low construction height
  • Material and weight savings
  • Screed construction with low tension
  • No screed joints
  • More design options
  • Short construction periods
  • Crack-free ceramic or natural stone covering
  • Highly durable
  • Proven suitability
  • Quick reacting radiant heated floors
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Low supply temperature, low heating cost
  • Effective for the utilisation of renewable energy sources
  • Easy to control
  • Comfort level
  • Sanitary and healthy
  • Cooling

Waterproof membrane made of soft polyethylene

Schlüter®-­WETROOM System 

A complete CE marked waterproofing and drainage solution 

Innovative and practical, Schlüter-­Systems’ intelligent wetroom solutions allow you to meet the functional requirements of wetroom substrate preparation whilst retaining freedom for design. All the components of a Schlüter®-­WETROOM system are manufactured to complement each other, resulting in a long-­lasting solution for a demanding area. The Schlüter®-­KERDI range provides an extensive selection of products to create a CE marked bonded waterproof installation—including installation boards, membranes and drains, as well as pre-­fabricated niches, shower trays and corner pieces, in addition to the Schlüter®-­KERDI-­200 waterproofing membrane. The strength of the thicker versions of the multi-­functional installation board Schlüter®-­KERDI-­BOARD is such that they can be used to construct major features such as seats, vanities and partition walls, and are suitable for natural stone and large format tiles.  
Schlüter offers a number of other products to enhance a wetroom installation: underfloor heating systems are available in both electric and hydronic variants and high quality collections of profiles protect the edges of your chosen floor covering and smooth transitions. 
For contractors, Schlüter products save time, hassle and manpower, ensuring a quick and intuitive installation process and minimising material wastage. With your entire solution obtained from one source, troubleshooting is easier and there is a clear point of contact for any advice.  
Protection should extend beyond the physical: the guarantees provided by manufacturers can make or break the decision to specify. Schlüter-­Systems Ltd stands by its complete system solutions, and provides advice, specification, and product warranties where required. Where a member of the Schlüter Approved Installer Network has been used, product and application warranties can be extended, for even greater peace of mind. 

View Kerdi on Schlüter Website

• Single source CE marked waterproofing system

• Solutions for Wetrooms, showers, saunas and steam rooms

• Drainage options for point and linear drains including pre-­sloped trays

• Low assembly heights, ideal for new build and renovation

• Suitable for tile and natural stone

• Guaranteed system.